If, for the beneficial interest of any person or entity other than yourself, you purchased or acquired Micro Focus ADSs issued in connection with the Merger, the Court has ordered that you must, within FOURTEEN (14) CALENDAR DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THE NOTICE, either:

  1. Provide a list of the beneficial owners described above to the Administrator, Epiq; or
  2. Request from the Administrator sufficient copies of the Notice to forward to all such beneficial owners and, within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of those Notices, forward them to all such beneficial owners.

If you are providing a list of names and addresses to the Administrator:

  1. Compile a list of names and addresses of beneficial owners who purchased Micro Focus ADSs issued in connection with the Merger;
  2. Prepare the list in Microsoft Excel format following the “Electronic Name and Address File Layout” as provided in the cover letter you received. A preformatted spreadsheet can also be found by clicking here.
  3. Then you must do one of the following:

    1. Burn the Microsoft Excel file(s) to a CD or DVD and mail the CD or DVD to:

      Micro Focus Class Action
      c/o Epiq Class Action and Claims Solutions
      P.O. Box 5459
      Portland OR 97228-5459

    2. Email the spreadsheet to; or
    3. Upload the spreadsheet here.

Questions about the Action and requests for copies of the documents should be directed to the Administrator at P.O. Box 5459, Portland OR 97228-5459 or by calling 1-855-604-1743. Please email if you would like copies of the Notice for mailing to your clients.